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Pilot Run

DFM Services

SVV is a hardware startup accelerator that provides startups access to exclusive engineering and hardware testing equipment including a reliability test lab, EMI/EMC lab, SMT line and pilot run production line. We also give you access to our world class team of 35+ experienced engineers that we dedicate to the startups that we work with to expedite and enhance the hardware development process. We've created the perfect environment to develop your hardware company.

We provide DFM services with our team of experienced engineers, and a state of the art facility for you and your team to work from.

Pilot Run

Pilot Run Manufacturing Service

With this service, we open up our Shenzhen office and hardware lab for you and your team to come and work with our DFM engineers to quickly make your first manufacturable product. We then pass that product over to our manufacturing line, to produce up to the first 1000 units for your startup.

About Shenzhen Valley Ventures

Shenzhen Basecamp Program

The SVV Basecamp program is offering a flexible Co-working + Machine shop + Mentorship program for startups who are looking to go to Shenzhen for manufactures, suppliers for short and long term. Startups can access to state of the art machine and tools.

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Palo Alto Coworking Space

Come and join the Hardware co-working space that is dedicated to helping your company succeed. Not only do we offer an unbeatable location (downtown Palo Alto) but the tools and connections you need to take your Hardware company to the next level.

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