Here Are Some of the Companies That We Invest In and Support


Our team is devoted to helping people better understand air quality in order to live healthier, save energy, and protect the things that matter most.


Cinder is an electric countertop grill that's crossed between sous vide, the high-end slow-cooking water bath method used by restaurant chefs and the George Foreman grill.


Fitsleep is a company that's dedicated to better and intelligent sleeping.


KeenBrace warns you of harmful movement and positioning at the most strenuous moment and tells you if your body need to rest therefore preventing injury.


Qihao is an AI robot for kids that was started by former Microsoft and Alibaba executive.


Cifernet is the future of the internet. It allows you to remotely access networks securely


A computer vision and machine learning platform for creators.


WaterBit provides growers with highly granular, real-time and low cost sensing systems to improve crop quality and yield by optimizing resource use.


A smart sweatpatch that detects important biometric data in real-time to help you achieve the perfect workout.

Omny IQ

​Advanced solution that self heals a network, so you don't have to. Real Time. Automatic. Seamless.


Reforges is developing Integrated solutions for drone automation systems.


Naked is the world's first home body scanner that tracks your body fat %, weight, and body measurements.