Engineering Service Program

Manufacturing quality hardware at startup sized order quantities is one of the biggest challenges that face young hardware companies. Most of the time, hardware founder’s early designs do not allow them to to be mass produced should you sell a large number of units.

This is where our Engineering Service Program comes in.


We help you prototype and build your product from several units all the way to hundreds of units, with full scale capability including PCB layout, SMT, ME build, assembly and test.


With our team of experienced engineers who have worked with clients like Xioami to Huawer we cover all the major development cycles (EVT, DVT,  PVT and UL/FCC/CE/EMC certification)

There is a quite a general misunderstanding to the scope and timing of DFM and many startups put it on hold until they feel they are ready to go to China for production. If you wait this long it is usually too late and most often startups end up with dramatic delays and expenses.

We make sure that you avoid these issues.

In a startup’s point of view, DFM should be viewed as “Design For Mass Delivery,” instead of Design For Manufacturing, the whole purpose is how to the produce and deliver in mass.

In this regard, the design should take as thorough consideration as possible to all the elements that may affect delivery in mass, including parts lead time, overall cost control to hit the right market price and off course, manufacturing friendly for higher daily yield and corresponding lower assembly cost. The DFM considerations should always be part of the R&D throughout the whole development cycle, instead of only a single serial link of the development.

This logic explains the core reason for most of the delays: when startups feel they are ready to go to China for production arrangement, with the expectation of finishing DFM process quickly with their CM, but end up realizing there are substantial issues that either overturn the design structure, or proceed with risks, either of the situation almost equals to a major delay.

SVV is designed as the resource to help startups to do things right in the first place, instead of doing it over and over again.

Cinder Sensing Cooker is a smart, countertop appliance that uses patent-pending sensing and control technology for precision-temperature cooking and searing in the same unit.

After graduated from YC in 2015, Cinder came to SVV for DFM acceleration, with SVV’s support they power through EVT to Mass Production, they were able to ship within 10 months. 

SVV opens up a door for hardware startups that they can’t open themselves.

-Eric Norman, Founder Cinder

Chemisense using printable polymer circuits that detect more than 25+ chemicals in a portable and cost-effective manner. Worked with SVV with through out the prototype to EVTs, finish 20 units in one and half month.

Invested by Plug and Play. Now working with Harvard Medical School on air quality mapping greater Boston area.

We want to continue working with SVV, we trust their engineer’s expertise. 

-Will Hubbard, Founder, COO of Chemisense

WaterBit develops sensing and data-driven analytics and control systems for commercial agriculture.

SVV is an investor in WaterBit, and have been very supportive of our work. The SVV Engineering team in Shenzhen worked with the WaterBit, leveraging work we had done for Proof of Concept, to deliver a plan for a finished product. The SVV team then executed to the plan, working closely with us to leverage our industrial design, resulting in on-time delivery of EVT units. In doing so, they demonstrated clear competence in Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering at scale, backed with credible supply chain execution. WaterBit is continuing the relationship, and planning to expand the scope of engagement in the next few years.

– Manu Pillai, Founder, CEO of Waterbit

Reforges is developing Integrated solutions for drone automation systems

SVV helped us with our drone charging station demo unit building, from initial conversation to completion of the product, it only took one month, and the quality had exceed my expectation. SVV leverage their own 20+ years of experience helped me with many problems that I didn’t foresee.

– Murray Wu, Founder, CEO of Reforges

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