SVV Pilot Run Program

The pilot run for a startup is quite different than pilot runs from established brands. Owing to limitation of resources, the design capability of a startup usually is far less mature and the pilot run is more for a final design validation to spot potential problems in your early products.

For this reason, we have custom tailored a pilot run program specifically for startups. This system consists of full line of ME/EE/cosmetic/test machinery and equipment, right in our Shenzhen office building, so that problems found during the pilot run can be fixed on site with the machines. The luxury of setting up this system one site at our facility (which includes office and factory space) also allows a much easier access and more involvement for your startup’s engineering team while working with SVV engineers._mg_0749_hdr

This program will not only deliver the product itself, but more importantly, it comes with a detailed analysis report by our NPI engineers for the major potential design issues spotted during the pilot run, so that startup can improve their design before they move to mass production.

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