Here Is Our Team of Engineers, Managers, and Directors, All With Years of Experience

Our US Team

Tong Li


Perviously VP of Digital China, biggest Chinese consumer electronic distribution company. Tong is also the co-founder of Innolinks Venture, he has invested in Zowee technology, Qpos, Symbio and GrubMarket.

Haipeng Li

Venture Partner

Co-founder of Innolinks Venture. Portfolio including: Cinder, Sensel, Lily app, GrubMarket.

Diane Ding

General Manager

General Manager of SVV where she sources great companies in the US to invest in and offer DFM services to.

Travis Levell

Head of Marketing

Head of marketing where he focuses on raising brand awareness about SVV and their services and also focuses on helping portfolio companies grow.

Adam Song


With a background in Mechanical Engineering, I deals sourcing, technical due diligence, and coordinate operations between China and US engineering team

Our China Team

Granite An

Technical Director

Previously R&D director of Lenovo. With rich experience in mechanical and electrical engineering.

Chad Xu


Venture Capital + Operations. Co-founder and VP of Zowee Technology(R&D, manufacturing and service in one)Angel investor and mentor across a large number of startups.

April Yu

Admin Officer

Experienced with working across wide variety of industries. Provide administrative support and financial actions.

EE Team

Stanley Fa

HW Manager

14+ years experience in electronic product design. Worked at NXP and Foxconn.

Peipei Gu

HW Engineer

Expert in board-level hardware design. Familiar with DFM and DFT .Worked with long list of companies including MSI and Foxconn.

Nicholas Luo

SW Engineer

10 years embedded development experience with strong software engineering and object-oriented design skills.

Duo Wang

HW Engineer

10+ years experience in hardwared evelopment.

Xing Zhang

HW Engineer

Experience with circuit design and layout, focusing on embedded systems.

ME Team

Allen Deng

Mechanical Engineer

6+ years of mechanical design and products engineering experience.Expert in household appliance area.

Jins Lin

Mechanical Engineer

Rich experience of CNC program and operation. Familiar with numerical control system.

Johnny Qin

Senior Mechanical Engineer

15+ years of product development experience. Leading expert in sheet metal/ plastic design and structural/ tolerance analysis. Leader ME at Ablecom. Holder of many patents.

Phill Wang

Mechanical Engineer

10+ years mechanical design experience. Proficient in Autocad. Proficient in the use of R&M tools and techniques.

Frank Xiao

Senior Mechanical Engineer

20+ years of mechanical design experience. Familiar with mold structure and design, plastic and metal part characteristics and production assembly process.

Fred Yin

Prototype Engineer

Mainly responsible for prototyping and 3D printing. 10+ years of prototype experience across a wide range of products such as toys, simulation products and digital products.

Jimmy Zhang

Mechanical Engineer

Expert at Mechanical design (designed PG electric cleaner, Philips electric toothbrush, Gigabyte mouse, Samsung mouse and more.

MJ Zhang

Surface Finishing Engineer

Expert in surface treatment for all kinds of plastic and sheet metal products(such as apple, lenovo, dell, SONY, Toshiba, etc).Provide surface finishing solutions.

Machel Zhang

ME Manager

13+ years experience in mechanical design and management. worked across wide variety of industries.

TE Team

Kevin He

Test Engineer

Rich experience in testing and failure analysis. Worked on a wide range of products.


TE Manager

Experience with product testing and certification. Worked at Flextronics and Foxlink.

Guorong Li

Test Engineer

Experience with working across wide variety of radio communication products. Worked on mobile phone RF and baseband hardware testing such as power, sensitivity, current, ESD and environment reliability.

Sunny Sun

Test Engineer

Rich testing and project management experience in different communication products. Such as dongle, Wifi router, module etc. Familiar with project management and test process.

Holly Xia

Safety Engineer

Rich experience with safety and performance standards for electric household appliance and toys, can implement the safety standards to products from design, development, to mass production stage. familiar with requirements for quality management system of factory and laboratory.